Sunday, January 27, 2008

Waiting Room

So it's 1pm on Monday in Hanoi. Jeff and Phoebe and I are hanging out it room 1203 at the Guoman hotel waiting. We were told we would get a call or an email telling us to come to the US Embassy for our Visa interview. Our agency people told us they usually do the interviews around 3pm at the Embassy. As each minute passes, my optimism wanes. We have tickets to fly out tonight, but soon, I'll be on the phone with American Airlines trying to switch our flights to Wednesday with hopes this thing will get wrapped up by then. All they will tell us is that although our paperwork has sent here to Hanoi from the main embassy in Ho Chi Min City, it has yet to be stamped approved by the CIS (formerly the INS) now a part of Homeland Security. So we shall wait. Hopefully, not for too long. If it gets past Wednesday, Jeff will be flying home alone and I'll be looking for a new hotel with Phoebe. I have tried to stay positive. I've tried creative visualization and wishful thinking. I even gave an offering at the Buddhist Temple in a fit of Atheist denial. All we can do now is wait...

Keep those notes and emails of encouragement coming, We need every bit of help we can get. xoxox n.


KJ said...

Hi Nancy - It's Carol's friend Kristen ... I know you are in a frustrating hold-pattern in Hanoi, and I am sending positive vibes out so that all the paperwork gets done and you can take that GORGEOUS daughter of yours back to NYC. I have to comment that she is JUST PRECIOUS! What a beautiful little girl. Congrats a million times over! I am so happy for you that you and phoebe are finally together. May the paperwork get wrapped up NOW so you can finally bring your daughter home. All my love...

ninaffine said...

Hello Nancy,
Mazel Tov!
Ruby & I are having a great time looking at these cute pictures of Phoebe. If good vibes have anything to do with paperwork getting done then it all should be finished in a heart beat.
Ruby wants to comment too...
Phoebe is SUPER-DUPER CUTE!!! Leo & I want to squish
her cheeks! ^-^. (That is a smily face.)
We are all very excited for you. I hope your trip home is smooth & easy.
Love , Nina ,Ruby, Leo, & Scott.

"The Architect of Learning" said...

Hey honey, me again.

Phoebe is getting even more gorgeous!

Love to her and you from her Aussie uncles, J and S xox