Saturday, January 19, 2008

Hanoi Hacking Cough

You hear it every where you go around here, and not just from the smokers. My Mom and I both got it, the baby is getting over it and hopefully, my Dad has bypassed it all together. The air quality is so bad here, and yes, you forget how unabashedly people smoke in Asia- and you can't ask them not to. Our hotel restaurant has a non-smoking section, which is probably very forward thinking of them, but it reminds me of sitting in the smoking section of the plane with my Mom when we were kids. Was there really a time people believed smoking could be confined to a section of an airplane??

Things here are at a bit of a stand still as we make our way thought the weekend. But as we walk the baby around and watch CNN and the Australian Open relentlessly, forces are toiling on our behalf to help get our paperwork wrapped up here as soon as possible. I have been truly overwhelmed by the efforts of a cast of people my brother has put into motion for me. Both my NY Senators; Clinton (as if she has nothing else to do) and Schumer, who reportedly said when asked to help "that's my job!" have been called into service on our behalf. All this for me and one amazing little baby. She has no idea how much my world has rallied for her, but I will tell her the story for the rest of her life.

My parents, who have been just incredible, leave here tomorrow. My Dad has changed diapers and fed Phoebe, my Mom is there for the hand off and to sing to the baby. Phoebe knows their voices and gives them her patented smile everytime she sees them. They have gotten me through this thing with their willingness to come and to do whatever they can to help. I'm gearing up for the next two days alone here. I wish I could kick this cough and feel a little stronger, but I'm hoping I can make it till wednesday when the calvalry arrives in the form of my handsome hero, Jeff.

More as the story unfolds. Love to you all.


Litgirl Mama said...

while being alone with a baby can be pretty tough, you'll be amazed by how much fun you can have, just the two of you. As happy as you'll be to see Jeff, you might have a little pang of "it's not just the two of us anymore."

Lisa and Eliza

B said...

Hey nancy, just checking up on you and seeing how you are coping! I bet litgirl mama is right, you are probably going to miss the just the two of you time when the hero arrives....but ah, it's going to be really so sweet and so fun! Glad that you've got company with you for most of the time.

And hang in there with the pollution, dirt, bugs, and yuckiness, yes it's bad, but it's Asia, and there's still so much of wonderful over here. People still manage a smile despite the poverty, the corruption, the devastating long-term effects of old wars...I'm really in love with being here, and I hope you will remember the beautiful moments too.

Wishing you smiles every moment of the day, lots of love to you and Phoebe, Berlinda

"The Architect of Learning" said...

Hey gorgeous, and greetings from downunder.

My secret intentions to sneak up and surprise you are not going well. Apart from Qantas no longer flying to Vietnam any more (having recently relegated the Ho Chi Minh only route to cheaper little bro JetStar anyway), there are no seats showing AT ALL. WHile wondering what the heck was going on, I remembered the last time we tried to connect in SEAsia was around the same time ie Chinese New Year. Looks like it ain't gonna happen again. :-(

Having said that, I guess the hope is you'll all be back in NYC sooner rather than later anyway. It would be too good if our first meeting of Phoebe was in NYC. So narrowly missed out this time! Btw, are we allowed to call her Phoebes? THe Phoebster? The Phoebe-Star?

Looking forward to your next blog post,

James xox