Thursday, October 25, 2012

Big Week

After years of being happily unmarried, Phoebe's Mom & Dad decided it was time to make it official. In the weeks leading up to the wedding, friends were arriving from all corners of the world- James & Scott from Sydney, Punam from Hong Kong, Brooke from San Diego, Stef from San Francisco. There was a festive feeling around us. It was so exciting to have all these people traveling all this way just for us. It made me feel so happy and so loved. On Friday morning, we got a call that would add another crazy celebration to the weekend. Phoebe had been given a late placement to the gifted & talented citywide school called the Lower Lab. After six weeks at P.S. 158, all settled in with new friends and new teachers, we had assumed that while she had made the list of top kids who were eligible, she had not made the cut in the lottery. All that changed with one call. I was in a panic thinking about all we had to do right in the midst of getting married. Friends (and Jeff) told me to try to put it away for the weekend, and I did try, but underneath I knew that this would be a big week for our whole family. Phoebe and I stayed at the Bryant Park Hotel the night before the wedding with Alana having a little girl's night before the big day. We got up early, I had my hair and makeup done and we walked across the street to the Bryant Park Grill to meet Jeff and Justin, Michael, Aunt Jane, Chloe and Jordan for our wedding party pictures. Phoebe, the cutest flower girl ever, was not quite sure she wanted to participate in all the festivities. But by the time we got up to the roof of the grill, she had her friend Sammie by her side helping her putting down the flower petals on the aisle. With Grampa Bob officiating, it was a family affair to remember. The sun broke through as if on cue, and the wedding proceeded without a hitch. Justin and Michael spoke the first words, some of our favorite lines from "The Princess Bride" and the crowd erupted in laughter. A tear or two were shed when Phoebe got called up to get a special ring from her dad as he promised to love, protect and listen to her. Phoebe too said some words in return: Daddy, I promise to love you to listen to you and to always have fun with you. It was such a special moment for all of us. The party was filled with fun dancing, lovely speeches from Bob, Jimmy, Bill, Linda and Justin. Everyone seemed to have a great time mingling and taking silly pictures with Bob's hats and Uncle Chip's mustaches at the photo booth. Before we knew it, the day was wrapping up and people were heading out with kisses and warm wishes. Phoebe went home with Grammy & Gramps, Aunt Jane and Whitey while the happy couple stayed at the hotel for a honeymoon night. The next day we were packing up, dropping our stuff at home and heading up to The Lower Lab to sign Phoebe up for her new school. It's a wonderful community with some very special kids. Phoebe had a going away party at P.S. 158 on Wednesday and started at the Lab on Thursday. She is such a resilient and strong girl, making friends and participating from the first day. Over the weekend, she had a few tears over missing friends and her teachers at 158, which is certainly natural. But when we were feeling blue, we got up, headed over to John Jay Park, and instantly ran into friends from her old class, her new class and even her ballet class. We are so lucky to be surrounded by friends on all sides, living in a community that welcomes us and embraces us. We are now officially, Phoebe, Nancy & Jeff Yates. A true family, as we always have been in our hearts, moving on to a new beginning and a new adventure for all of us.