Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Cavalry arrives!

After my parents left and two days alone with Phoebe in Hanoi, my world was brightened considerably by the arrival of Jeff late on Wednesday night. Not only did he fly 20 hours just to see us, he's been amazing with Phoebe from the moment they met. We already know he's a great Dad- but he's also a wonder with babies. She always has a huge smile for him and her eyes follow him all over the room where he goes. Now he's got two girls madly in love with him :) We had a moment yesterday to get out of the hotel and do a bit of touring around Hanoi with our agency people. At night, we're both crashing out by 9pm at the latest. But having this time together alone just with our little Phoebe is truly bliss. I feel so lucky to have them both and to have this little bubble in which to start our lives together. We are hopeful that the Embassy will call us tomorrow for our Visa interview and that they will stamp Phoebe's passport so we can keep our flights out that same night. We're rolling the dice a bit, but with all the help we've gotten from Jimmy and his team of people working on this, our case now seems to be at the top of the queue. So let's see. Hopefully, I'll be posting our return tomorrow!

Love to you all.
nancy, Jeff & Phoebe

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