Friday, January 11, 2008

baby vs. 3 adults- baby wins :)

So yes, I am settling in to motherhood and trying to get in the groove of this adorable baby. The three of us have been exhausted keeping up with her, but we're figuring it all out. Today, we had a couple of hours off b/c we hired a babysitter from the hotel ($5/hour- not even NYC high schoolers get that little!) We had a fun little tour around Hanoi- which is a beautiful city of lakes and 2 million people on scooters. We've had lots of interesting discussions with people about politics and the world- everyone seems glued to our election proccess. One of the officials at our ceremony asked us if we were voting for Barak Obama! I am amazed at how aware everyone is- can any of us name ANY Vietnamese official??

The weather has been unseasonably warm for this time of year- which of course suits me just fine. Phoebe seems to be taking to all of us. Just being away from her for a couple of hours today put me in a new mommy panic. I really missed her and couldn't wait to get back to those dimples and that sweet smile she saves for me.

Time for me to go up and relieve Grandma from duty. The pictures that should post here are of me and the birth mother as well as my parents and one of the caregivers at the center. Also- one of Mr. Hoang (from our agency) and little Phoebe. She will let anyone hold her and is really taken with people here. They are all so loving and kind to babies- what an amazing culture.

More when I can. Love to you all. xoxoxo nan

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