Thursday, July 1, 2010

First Friends

There is nothing quite so sweet as seeing two little friends hug. Girls are especially fond of each other and when they like each other, it's like a deep love forming. Phoebe has made lots of good friends in these first years of her life. Luckily for us, many of them live in our building and we get to see them all the time. Phoebe has nicknames for some of them; Madeleine is "Maddo", Michaela is "Kai." Luca is the boy next store, literally. They will often run in the hall, kick a ball and talk to one another like an old married couple. Emily is an English girl we met at Kidville. She says things like "Phoebe, my Mommy is coming to collect me." Which always makes me smile. Phoebe is a kind and considerate friend. She helps them up when they fall. She makes sure everyone shares and takes turns. She will even give up her spot on the coveted swings if someone has been waiting too long. I predict, Phoebe will grow to be an excellent friend. And hopefully, her friends will be there for her too.