Monday, January 14, 2008

And in this corner...

Weighing in at a healthy 15 lbs (!) Phoebe Ellis Horowitz is the new reigning champ of Vietnamese babies! We spent yesterday afternoon at the SOS Clinic run by the Dutch here in Hanoi. Phoebe was given a very clean bill of health and is in a high percentile for babies from this area. My back is getting quite the workout from this bundle. My Mom also spent some time in the clinic as my Dad and I were worried about her ever increasing cough. Thankfully, it's not the beginnings of pneumonia, as we silently feared, just an infection that will keep her confined to our hotel for the rest of her stay. At least, the hotel is quite nice with a good restaurant and lovely staff. I'm getting a little sick of the Vietnamese Muzak tho' which plays a hillarious assortment of everything from Frank Sinatra to Lionel Richie to show tunes like Evita. (Does give me a giggle :)

My parents have also decided that whatever delays I might have in getting my final approval to travel from the American Embassy, they are leaving here next monday, Jan. 21st. Hopefully, Mom's infection will have had some time to clear up by then and she will be good to travel. If I can't leave with them, I'll stay on and wait for Jeff who is due to arrive next wednesday night. I'll be here for a couple of days by myself, but with all the helpers here- I'll manange. Hoping it won't come to that and I'll be on a plane back home with all three generations of Horowitz's next Monday.

Sending lots of love to you all.
xoxox nancy

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