Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Last Day of Pre-K

June 6, 2012 Today is the day Phoebe finishes Pre-school. Two years at All Souls have come and gone in a flash. She started just after she turned 3, not shy, but not exactly sure she wanted to be separated from Mom and Dad for most of the day. Now, on the cusp of 5, Phoebe is confident and truly enriched by the days she spent with the teachers and students of All Souls Pre-School.We still have our separation issues in the mornings. We take a moment each day to read a book together before I rush off to the subway on my way to work. We still have our ritual good by with our special hand signal to each other. She's still a little kid, but one I feel is really on the cusp of so many big kid things. Her language skills are amazing. Her ability to understand complex problems always astounds us. Her art work is beautiful, complicated and always interesting to look at.Phoebe has made some great friends; Rafa, Eva and Will, Dylan and Sofia, just to name a few. Some will join her at P.S. 158 next year, some will go on to various public or private schools around the city and some will spend another year inside the safe and familiar All Souls walls. For now, it's Phoebe's time to move on towards the future. I'm so very proud of all she's done and all she's become. I just can't believe this moment as a pre-schooler has come to an end. Phoebe may be moving on, but Mama's still in denial.