Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Got the call!

Last week, Jeff and I spent Xmas with the Yates Clan in CT, then we took Michael (14) with us up to my parents place in Vermont to spend a few day with the Horowitz Crew in the snowy woods of the Green Mountains. Then it was back to NYC for a wonderful New Years Eve with a few of our friends and some very special visitors from Sydney-James and Scott. My house guests left this morning at 4:30am, Jeff headed off to work and I slept in for what would turn out to be one of my last lazy mornings of pre-motherhood. At about 12noon, the phone rang and it was Barbara from New Beginnings telling me the Vietnamese had scheduled my "Giving and Receiving" Ceremony for next Wednesday, January 9th!! The tears came to my eyes as I took in the news I've been waiting for. Phoebe's room has been ready for two months now, friends and family have supplied me with all the things any NYC kid will need and now the moment was here. I just never imagined they would only give me three days to get my act together and get on a plane. The day was spent booking flights and getting expedited Visas for myself and my parents to Fly though Tokyo to arrive in Hanoi on January 7th. They tell me, I will probably go to the orphanage to get Phoebe the morning after I arrive- then the ceremony will be the day after. What a whirlwind this will be! There are still many open questions as to when the Americans will approve Phoebe's status and how long I will be over in Hanoi, but I will try to get on a computer and share as much as I can when I'm there. Although I am very much on my own in this endeavor, I don't feel alone when it comes to the support and love I have received from my family, Jeff's family, all my friends at home and abroad, the soup kitchen crew and all the rest. So here's to the next part. Wish me luck!!

xoxox nancy

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stefglass said...

Woohoooo! That is one lucky baby! Our love and positive thoughts will follow you all the way to Hanoi and back. Stef