Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Frustration Central

So I went to the American Embassy this morning to plead my case and hope that they would grant me the interview to let us get out of here. I was met by an American bureaucrat through a plexiglass window who would only give his name as "Donald". He told me there was nothing he could do for me because my original paperwork had not yet arrived from the main Embassy in Ho Chi Min City. (They also say the materials are being sent thru American Courier channels- but Donald blamed it on "Vietnam.") We all know by now that the Vietnamese have been nothing but efficient and kind when it comes to my case. The Americans, on the other hand have shown their lack of compassion and unwillingness to move my case along. Perhaps the pressure we gave from our NY Senators helped move me up the queue, but the main decision maker in HCMC did not bend to the thoughts that I had flights or had been here an inordinate amount of time. Really, I think it's safe to say, they just don't care about my particular case or about their citizens adopting children in general. They have a process and they stick to it rigidly. Such is government and the workers who make their wheels turn-albeit very slowly.

So now I lose Jeff to a flight tonight and Phoebe and I are once again on our own. I have optimistically booked a new flight through Hong Kong leaving on Friday. Two hours to HK and only 17 hours to get back to NYC. I am heartened and inspired by a story my friend Marni told me about her Mom taking her at 3 months and her 2 year old brother alone from the States to Dhaka in Bangladesh. If she can do it with two little kids, perhaps I can survive with one little Phoebe.

Hopefully, this will be the last post until I get home. (Jeff is taking his laptop with him too :) Hope to be talking to some of you this weekend from East End Avenue. Lots of Love- nancy

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