Monday, August 27, 2012

Things I learned at camp

For the first time this summer, Phoebe was signed up for an all day camp called Asphalt Green. It is located right at the top of East End Avenue and it went for a full day from 8:15am to 4:30 in the afternoon. No small task for a little person about to turn 5. But it was an amazing summer and worked out so well for all of us. Especially Phoebe. Every day, we started our day walking up the block to the bus. Phoebe got to ride the big yellow bus 10 blocks up to camp every day with her friends and counselors, feeling like a really big kid in the process. I would stand there, waving goodbye to my little girl, who seemed to be growing into her new life so very fast.At camp she had swimming almost every day, learned about baseball, soccer, tennis, karate, yoga and basketball. Each week, she got to go on a field trip to great New York area places like the Bronx Zoo, Brooklyn Children's Museum, Coney Island Aquarium and Victoria Gardens in Central Park. We got wonderful reports from her counselors that she was a great kid to work with, fun and well behaved. We are so proud that she's doing so well out there in the world with out us.
Phoebe also learned a few other things at camp this summer.She came home saying "like" in every sentence.(like a teenager might) For example, "Joanna is like so allergic to chocolate her Mom has to give her like pills for it." Another funny thing that cracked us up: "Chloe wasn't at camp today. Her family went to the Han-tins" Okay, so now Phoebe knows there's a place people go called "The Hamptons." I'm just happy she doesn't really know how to say it just yet. All in all. It was an amazing summer for our little person. Turning 5 and taking on the world in her very own way.