Thursday, October 6, 2011

School begins

At last! The summer has come to an end and Phoebe's 2nd year of school at All Souls has begun. It feels so different than last year. Our girl is now in a morning class. We take the bus together and I get to drop Phee at school on my way to work. Phoebe has no hesitations about her learning environment. She's in a new class, with new teachers (Susan, Nikki and Jackie) and yet she is unfazed and ready to be a part of it. At open school night, the teachers told us that Phoebe is a pleasure (of course) so nice to other kids and inclusive in her play, (so nice to hear) and one teacher even told us that in all her years of teaching she has never encountered a student like Phoebe. One day, when Phee was waiting to be picked up, she asked her teacher to sit down next to her. Then she proceeded to ask her teacher what she liked to do when she was at home. Not the typical question from typically solipsistic 4 year olds. We are so proud of our Phoebe and just so happy to hear that she is her best self at school; fun, engaged, kind and great to have around. That's our girl!