Saturday, January 12, 2008

Phoebe Pix

Some more pictures of our adorable Phoebe to share. Seriously, when she smiles, she lights up the room with those dimples. Such a cutie pie. She's been taking it easy on her poor old Mom by sleeping alot at night (from 7:30pm to 4am last night- had a bottle and went back to sleep until 6am!) After that, Grampa got up from his deep slumber and watched the baby while I got in a shower. (I'm averaging about one every other day :) She eats up a storm and is already starting to theeth a bit.

One special picture here goes out to Jeff with a message from both his girls :)

Tomorrow we have our appointment at the SOS clinc where she will be cleared foer her medical exam. I'm also picking up her passport tomorrow so now all we have to do is hear from the American Embassy that her legalization has been approved and we can schedule our interview for her Visa to travel. Cross your fingers that we can accomplish this during this week. Hanoi's pollution and all the arduous travel is getting to all of us. Hoping ot High-tail it home with Phoebe very soon.

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