Monday, September 1, 2008

Phoebe Turns One!

August 17th, 2008– an absolutely beautiful day in New York City. My Mom and I had planned a picnic in Phoebe's honor, to be held in our local green haven- Carl Schurz Park. All week leading up to the party, we were not only hoping for sunny skies, we were also hoping that Carol, Phoebe's Godmother and TiTi would either give birth in time for me to attend my child's first birthday, or hold out until after the celebration. I had already assured Carol that this time, her child's birth would trump my child's birthday. Phoebe could have her party anytime. Her little friend, yet to be born, needed me a little more that day. I was Carol's birth partner, and was determined to be there for whatever she needed. We have been on our journey to motherhood together over these last few years. As single women, choosing this path, we have become each other's life partners- true sisters in this life we've been given.

As luck would have it, Samantha Claire would wait another 3 days to be born and we were able to have a fantastic first birthday filled with friends and food and a cloudless sky. We were also joined but some unexpected, but welcome guests. The film maker, Beth Cramer, who I had met three years earlier, was continuing her documentary on single women choosing motherhood (Plan B). She had profiled me in her first effort when I was just starting out in my quest to become a mother. Soon after we met, I became pregnant (on my very first try) and was ecstatic at my good fortune. Sadly for me, that pregnancy would not last. I became the sad story of her film, the cautionary tale of the perils of fertility after 35. When Beth called me to say she was continuing her documentary with some of the women she had met earlier, I was thrilled. Now, I had the chance to document the happy beginning of my life with Phoebe and Jeff and the rest of the people in my life. She also had a chance to talk to Carol and to Jessica. How wonderful that so many women in our lives have taken this path. It is truly a mark of our time.

So wile the cameras rolled, Phoebe was celebrated, blew out her candles, and toddled around the grass socializing with all her guests. Lots of our cousins were in attendance from Kathy, Jess & Matt to Felicia & Rob and the Rosenfields too. Of course our family is filled with 'fake' cousins too who we love and cherish- Alana, Jimmy, Beth and their kids Emily & Jonathan just back from camp in Maine (Go Green Team!), Jessica and Sam, and of course, Carol and her belly, just three days away from a whole new life. As well as Birches and Yates (our new family) and friends who give the sweetness to our lives.

It was a perfect way to start Phoebe's next year. How very lucky we both are.

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