Sunday, August 10, 2008

Swimming, swimming

One of the great pleasures of our Summer in NYC is having a rooftop pool at our disposal just 8 blocks up the street. Thanks to Grammy and Grampy Horowitz, who had the good sense to move into a fabulous building, we have been swimming regualry and loving every minute. Phoebe especially likes it when strong friends and relatives like Jeff, Mike, Dan, Alana or Robin come along. She loves to splash and get tossed up in the air, a water baby all the way. We took a swim class in the winter at Asphalt Green, which was a great way to get started. Now we just stroll up the block and jump on in. What lucky ducks we are!

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Eileen said...

She's getting so cute! So glad to hear you've been staying cool this summer. Can't wait to see you both soon --
ox Eileen and Maya