Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Carol's Girl

The day Samantha Claire was born was a very long day. It started early on Tuesday, August 19th, 2008. But as Grandpa Jerry predicted, his new grand daughter would be born on his father's birthday- August 20th- nearly a century later. She arrived at 2:27am by C-section. I was lucky enough to be there with Carol from start to finish. They let me suit up and sit next to her in the operating room, holding her hand and trying not to pay too much attention to the group of doctors working away on the other side of the curtain. When Sammie came out, she cried with life and we knew it would all be okay. I was the first to hold her after they checked her out and cleaned her up. I held this light little bundle, so small and perfect close to Carol's face so she could see the amazing being she just made.

It was after 4am when they were in the recovery room, ready to sleep off all Mama and baby had just endured. I didn't want to leave Carol there, but when I looked at her holding her baby, I knew she would be just fine. Carol looked so calm (and tired) but completely ready to start her life with her daughter. I went home to my own little girl, the first night I had spent without her. Luckily, Jeff was there to welcome me home and ask how it had all gone. Just perfect, I would say. Another wonderful little girl had entered our lives.

Now Mom and baby are back home in the West Village, getting in their groove and doing just great. Can't wait for our girls to meet and to start their new lives as sisters in our very special extended happy family.

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