Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dancing in my Underwears!

Oh the excitement of moving from diapers to underwear! Phoebe has spent the last year getting ready for this moment. Around age 2, she began practicing sitting on a pretend potty in the living room. SItting on a stool, pulling down her pants and saying she was getting "busy". Eventually, we moved to a step stool in the bathroom, new potty seat perched ont he toilet, waiting for that perfect tush to descend and do her business. But for months and months, it was just for show. She had the process down, but wasn't ready to go. Then one, day, just like that, Phoebe wanted to wear her "big girl underwears". We still haven't mastered this new phase. There are setbacks when she is tired and wants to wear a diaper and not think about it so much. But we are very close to leaving those baby diapers behind. My big girl is getting bigger by the day. Now that's something to dance about!

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