Tuesday, June 1, 2010

So Proud

Not long ago, I was making dinner in our little city kitchen. Phoebe was munching on cucumbers and watching me as I organized all the ingredients for Chicken Quesadillas. Avocado, sautéed spinach and mushrooms, chicken and lots of shredded cheese. In no time they were done and we were eating our dinner together talking about our day. Phoebe happily chomped each bite exclaiming "yum" and "delicious". Then she looks at me and says, "Mommy, I am so proud of you to cook this." I just about fell off my chair. Not only was that so sweet, it showed me that this little 2 year old understands that someone has done something for her and to appreciate me for doing it. Is this normal? I have no idea. All I know is that it made this Mommy feel wonderful. My little girl is kind and caring and is finding the words to say these things to me. Wow. I'm so proud that she is mine.

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