Monday, December 7, 2009

My little Story Teller

Phoebe is starting to tell me stories. With very few words strung together, she likes to talk about her day and things that happened to her. Yesterday, it was "arm- stuck-shirt". She had gotten her arm stuck in the collar of her shirt during nap time and was crying to me to help her. When I finally rescued her from the offending shirt, she had a good story to tell. These days at naptime or bedtime, we still read stories and sing songs, but now we always make time to talk. "Sita-meet me-free to be" was about the time Felicia (Sita) took her to class (Free to be under 3) and then I met her later. She tells me that one a lot. It was Jeff who discovered his little girl's desire to talk at bedtime. She told him "Daddy, sit" and when he asked if she wanted to talk a little, she started rambling out her stories. We know she loves to read and sing and play her guitar, but now that her language skills are coming on, what she really wants to do is talk and tell stories. The other day, she said to me, "Mommy-little girl-Phoebe-growm-up" And from there, she proceeded to read me a story and make her Mama smile.

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