Monday, May 12, 2008

My First Mother's Day

I can remember last Mother's Day when I had completed all my paperwork for an adoption from Vietnam, but I still seemed very, very far from becoming a mother. It was not yet my day to celebrate. Instead, Jeff and I had a lovely brunch at Cafe Luxembourg on the West side with our lovely mothers and the men they call their own. My impending motherhood hung in the air unmentioned. We were lucky enough to have our Mother's with us- and both in Manhattan at that. There was much to be grateful for. I had just completed a fundraiser for Room to Read to build a school in Vietnam in honor of that child who was yet to be born, but would someday be mine. Carol and I would soon be leaving for a sort of last hurrah trip to Istanbul and around Turkey. (Who could know it would be a last hurrah for both of us!) I was trying to be patient, trying to find a zen pathway through the halls of the waiting game. Breathe, breathe, I used to tell myself when the waiting would become unbearable. I knew it was completely out of my control. That didn't make it any easier.

Cut to 2008 and my Mother's Day was as wonderful as any I can imagine. Not only was my baby girl in my heart and in my home, she is thriving and charming everyone she meets. My day was made perfect by the people around me who helped me acknowledge what a lucky mother I really am. The day started with our favorite friend "Uncle" Dan showing up at 9am to relieve me from any Mother duties I might have. He's been helping out more since my neck went to pieces- making such a huge difference in our lives. At about 1pm, Jeff showed up with to help us stroll up to Grammy and Grampy's at the top of East End Avenue. There, we were joined by Lynn and John Birch (the other Grandparents) and Robin Rotenier and Erin Marcel. We had a yummy bagel brunch complete with cream herring and whitefish salad, lox, capers, and the always exceptional Borscht from Mom's kitchen. Phoebe rolled around on the floor and was happy to be picked up by anyone who was so inclined. She was a party champ, as always.

When we were all full to the gills, half the party went back to 180 Riverside Drive and Jeff and I strolled back home with a sleeping girl. Jeff took care of the bath, the bedtime and still had enough energy for a shoulder massage for the new (aching) Mommy. What a difference a year can make :)

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