Friday, April 11, 2008


Candice, one of Phoebe's many admirers, was over today hanging out and giving me a much needed break. (My baby sitter flaked again, but child care issues are another post, another day...) When I got back, she said to me, "Phoebe has a hundred different kinds of smiles"
and boy, is that true. People often ask me if she's really this smiley all the time, and the answer is generally, yes. Like all of us, she has her cranky moments. There's the wet diaper and the overtired whine, the grimace whilst getting another spoonful of oatmeal shoved into her mouth. But for the most part, Phoebe loves to smile and laugh and giggle when you tickle her tummy or feet. She particularly likes to see herself in the mirror, always giving her reflection a big grin as if to say- wow, I AM cute! It is particularly wonderful to be one of the people she recognizes and knows. She always has a big smile for her grandparents, breaks out in a cheerful scream when she sees Jeff and nearly jumps up and down when Debbie stops by from next door. It's a fact, Phoebe loves to smile. Can she love it as much as we all do?

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Uncle James said...

Can vouch for that. Phoebe is the smiliest of babies.